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Our licensed, professional plumber performs all plumbing services including:

In addition to our professional plumbing services, our company offers:

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    Our Services That We Offer

    Your safety doesn’t have a price tag. Plumbing isn’t just about leaky faucets and improper drainage, it’s the safe deliverance of water to a residential or commercial space. Hiring a professional to repair any plumbing issues can prevent further damage, saving you time and money in the future. Express Plumbing is here to repair, replace, and install safe plumbing for the city of Chattanooga and its surrounding areas.

    Water Heater Repair


    Commercial Plumbing


    Water Filtration System


    Gas Line Services


    Drain Cleaning & Repairs


    Plumbing Services


    Remodeling Service


    Facuet & Leak Repairs


    Sewer Repair & Cleaning

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    Why We Do It

    Our Mission in Chattanooga

    At Express Plumbing, we strive to perform each job in a professional, polite, and clean manner, while paying attention to detail and protecting our clients' belongings and property. We wish to continuously provide excellent customer service, fair pricing, and reliable response time for many years, improving the beautiful city of Chattanooga one client at a time.

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